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11 Plus Recommendation

Eleven plug tutoring

Eleven Plus Tutoring

Are you a parent in Manchester, Old Trafford, or Chorlton seeking the best Eleven Plus tutoring for your child? Look no further than Primus Education. Our specialised Eleven Plus tutoring programme is designed to help your child succeed in their 11+ exams, ensuring they secure a place at a top grammar school. Discover how our […]

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11 plus entrance exams

Why is it Important to Prepare for 11 Plus Entrance Exams?

Preparing for the 11+ entrance exams is crucial for securing a place at a top grammar school or selective independent school in Manchester. These exams are designed to identify pupils with the potential to thrive in an academically challenging environment. Here, we explore the importance of preparing for the 11+ entrance exams and how it […]

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Primus Education, 609 Stretford Road, Manchester, M16 0QA.

Private maths tutoring in Old Trafford, Manchester.

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