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Struggling to prepare for your GCSE Exams?

With exam season coming up many teenagers are preparing to sit their GCSE exams. During times like these teenagers have a tendency to feel anxious and stressful due to the pressure of wanting to get good grades. Consequently, we may act out of control and become overwhelmed by these emotions.

Life as a parent is never easy, you face a new challenge each day where you may begin to feel overwhelmed however, there’s nothing worse than the feeling you get after you realise you’ve lost control of your temper. In this blog we’ll be looking at ways in which you are able to help your child when they are struggling with their GCSE exam preparation.

Communication is key

As a parent we all want our children to do well in school, despite our best efforts there may be times our children fall behind with certain subjects. Our children usually feel embarrassed when they fall behind with some work or a subject. In addition they often don’t tell us how they are feeling, which frustrates us as parents because we feel we should have done something sooner. In some cases, when our children don’t communicate with us, we wonder how we didn’t notice they were struggling. There are several warning signs to look out for.

When your child is spending a long-time revising – Children should be set an ideal time to revise for their GCSE Exams. If they are spending hours upon hours revising, they may be overwhelmed with stress.

Your child showing signs of depression or feeling low – Children also suffer from depression which many parents dread to hear from their child. If your child is showing signs of lack of focus and feeling overwhelmed, they may have exam anxiety, for instance believing they will fail.

Teachers raising concerns – This is the most obvious sign, but all too often is the last to be noticed. Teachers are the ones who know our children’s academic abilities the best. If they begin to notice your child is falling behind from the rest of the class, they will make you aware. Majority of the time teachers provide parents with suggestions on how to help your child. Our private school will notify you of any behaviour changes we believe your child is having.

Talk to the school

As soon as you suspect that your child is falling behind or struggling in general with preparation for upcoming exams. Talk to their teachers. Time is of the essence so don’t wait for the next parents evening, make an appointment as soon as. Teachers may have picked up on this problem as well, together you and your child’s teacher can find a way to tackle this issue. Primus education will help to support your child in various areas, such as providing them with tips on how to prepare for their GCSE exams.

Us parents know when our child is behaving differently, if you have noticed this behaviour in your child then the first thing to do is find the cause of the problem. There can be many different reasons why your child is having trouble revising for specific subjects. Speaking to them to discover the root of the problem will provide you with a detailed insight of what they are struggling with. Being non-judgemental and aggressive will enable your child to be more open with you now and in the future. For your child to communicate effectively with you they need to feel that you are approachable and empathetic.

As a private school, primus education provides various forms of support for your child, but it is important to notify us if you suspect he or she may be struggling. You can depend on us to help your child with subjects they struggle with, as well as support them when they have questions.

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