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GCSE Maths

See how we can help you with GCSE Maths in Manchester

GCSE Maths

Our GCSE Maths subject In Manchester can be highly beneficial to your child’s education. GCSE Maths is a crucial subject for students in the UK, as it lays the foundation for higher education and future careers. Whether you’re struggling with algebra, geometry, or statistics, this is comprehensive guide will help you achieve the grades you need to succeed.

Many colleges and universities require a grade 5 (the equivalent of a high-grade C) to qualify for admission. Most of our students aspire to study courses such as medicine, Engineering or law. As such they need to achieve a grade 7 or higher to be successful in their application. Our GCSE Maths subject in Manchester will teach your child various key skills which they will use throughout their lives.

Some of those key skills will be fluency, reasoning, and problem-solving which are key components of the revised maths curriculum. Mastering these is essential to becoming a competent Mathematician. 

GCSE Maths: The Ultimate Study Guide

GCSE Maths is a crucial subject for students in the UK, as it lays the foundation for higher education and future careers. Whether you’re struggling with algebra, geometry, or statistics, this comprehensive guide will help you achieve the grades you need to succeed.

Key topics in GCSE Maths

Numbers: Become confident in the manipulation of the basics including fractions, percentages, surds and problem solving with money.

Algebra: Learn how to solve equations and manipulate expressions

Geometry: Master the principles of shapes, sizes and measurements

Statistics: Develop a deep understanding of data analysis and probability

Trigonometry: Explore the relationships between angles, sides and ratios in triangles.

Ratio & proportion: An area of mathematics which deals with the relationship between two or more quantities.

Tips for Succeeding in GCSE Maths

Practice, practice, practice! Make use of your sample papers, textbooks, and online resources to build your skills and confidence

Retrieval practise: You must be able to successfully recall a large number of facts, formulae and methods. Regular self-testing is one of the best ways to develop this skill.

Ask for help: Don’t be afraid to reach out to teachers, tutors, or classmates for support when you’re struggling.

Staying organised: Keep track of your progress, set achievable goals, and use a planner to stay on top of your studies.

Resources for GCSE Maths
  • Online tutorials: Take advantage of the numerous free resources available online, including CorbettMaths and MathsWatch and Sparx Maths.
  • Past papers: Use previous exams to familiarise yourself with content and to develop exam skills.

How we help

Through our initial assessment we establish the areas for development for your child and develop a specific tuition plan to address these.

What subjects can we help you with?

At Primus Education we specialise in the core subjects of GCSE English, GCSE Maths and Science as well as the 11+ entrance exams and Key Stage 2 SATs in Manchester. Please find more information on the relevant subject pages, along with why it is important to do well in them.

GCSE exams

The centre was recommended to me by a friend and it was the best decision to choose Primus. For the last 12 months, my daughter attended the 11+ preparation sessions at the centre. We have been extremely pleased with the level of teaching and professionalism and dedication by the team providing the support to the children.

Humera Bawa

I can't recommend this Primus Tuition centre enough especially the individuals who run the centre. So professional and supportive, Yahya is always there to help. My daughter & son attended classes for GCSE's & 11+ preparation respectively. The tutors are highly experienced & are teaching at an outstanding level. The Science & Maths teachers are exemplary. Thank you Ben & Pedram!

Sameera Choudhary

Primus Tuition has helped my kids in preparing for 11+ and GCSCs, and my experience was great with the standard of education and guidance provided. They have experienced teachers. I recommend parents who are looking for good tuitions in this area.

Madiha usamah

My son attended the centre last year to help him with GCSE EXAMS and he achieved outstanding results . He was usually getting 4’s and 5’s but since he attended the tuition centre he managed to get 7’s in his exams. Thanks

Naser Manshad

A professional and dedicated team that provide an excellent educational service. Highly recommended.

Shane Coyle

A professional, high quality service run by two highly qualified and experienced individuals who know how to get the best from their students. My son has been there for three months, and since then, has received an award from school for doing well in Maths as well as coming top in his class in the Term One assessment. The price is excellent value for money, but the quality of the teaching is what makes me give Primus Education a big thumbs up.

Diarmuid Fogarty

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