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What’s next after my GCSEs?

Anyone who has ever studied for their GCSEs understand the struggles and stress that come along with them. On the subject of stress, every young teenager believes they have to have their life planned out and follow it step by step. However, in the real world a large majority of people know all too well that nothing ever really goes to plan. One way or another those plans can change down the road.

One minute you have planned what you want to be in life, whether that’s something to do in finance for example. Your plans can suddenly change, and you want to do something completely different. Growing up is a process of constantly changing our minds, making different choices, and making different decisions.

Although thinking about your future can feel a bit daunting, considering your options after your GCSEs can be great to motivate yourself and help you decide on your goals for the future. When it comes to choosing what you want to follow through with, people don’t realise you have different options you can take after your GCSEs.

These categories are:
  • A Levels – A Levels are subject based qualifications that allow students to get entry requirements needed to progress onto university. When it comes to A Levels you can study up to 3-4 levels over a 2-year course. You are assessed through examinations and coursework. You will have to work independently as well within a classroom-based teaching. Entry requirements consist of 5 GCSEs at grade 9-4.
  • Retake your GCSES – Around 35% of students in England don’t manage to get a grade 4 in GCSE English Language and GCSE Maths. There is no shame in this, which is why the government has made it possible for you to retake your exams. You are able to retake your GCSEs online or at the college or school you attended, it’s important you pick the best option for you. Retaking your GCSEs would enable you to come out with a higher grade than you previously had.
  • Apprenticeships – Students who are ready for a more hands on approach to learn might look towards apprenticeships. Apprenticeships provide many students as well as adults the opportunity to gain real work skills and practical experience while acquiring job-specific qualifications as well as earning a wage.
  • T Levels – If A Levels don’t sound to fitting but you are still keen to continue with your academic studies, T Levels are a great option for you. T Levels is a two-year qualification designed in partnership with employers to provide learners with the skills and knowledge employers look for when hiring. This is a mixture of classroom learning with a 45-day placement and is equivalent to three A Levels.  

Now that you’re aware of the different routes you can take after your GCSEs you are able to choose whichever route you believe is best for you. However, if you pick a route and halfway down the line you know is not a suit for you that’s okay! You can pick another one. That’s what life is all about, there’s always another option. If you Interested in taking any of our GCSE subjects get in touch with us today for more information.

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