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At primus education, we are helping children all across Manchester get back on track with their education.

How has primus education changed the private study game? Well, here’s how we’re transforming countless of children’s lives. 

Everyone who has been to school has always struggled with either one or two subjects, as opposed to people who took to their studies and subjects with flying colours. However everyone always struggled with either one certain subject, majority of the time it’s maths. Many students struggle to get the help they need, even with the help of private tutors.

The problem with many tuition centres is that often the tutors weren’t very professional but rather they were in it for the extra pocket money. This would mean that they aren’t fully aware of changes in the curriculum, that this can have a negative affect on children’s exam results.

This is why primus education has changed so many lives, we only hire teachers who are fully qualified and experienced in their chosen field, and of course have an excellent track record. To ensure the safety of their student’s, individuals are only hired through a rigorous recruitment process. Teacher’s chosen to teach at Primus Education only teach in the optimal learning environment of small group tuition.

There will be homework assignments designed to reinforce students’ knowledge, as well as prepare them for their exams with detailed feedback. 

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