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Who is Primus Education?

Primus Education has over 20 years experience. Our private school was initially created by highly skilled and qualified teachers who have worked across many areas of the teaching industry.

How can Primus Education help your child?

Even today, many students still face difficulties getting the support they need when they are in school. It is for this reason that our tutors help your child feel confident about learning. A private tuition center called Primus Education has revolutionised the way students’ study in Manchester. Transforming countless lives and bringing success to hundreds of students.

It has become apparent over the years that tuition center’s do not provide students with the appropriate professional teachers. Most of the individuals teaching these young children are university students. As a result, these students aren’t prepared properly for their exams, which could negatively impact their grades.

It is comforting to know that Primus Education only hires teachers who are fully qualified and experienced in their field. Followed by excellent track records. Primus Education has a rigorous recruitment process. Ultimately, they only teach small groups to achieve the most effective learning outcomes. This is beneficial to students as they become the center of attention, which will enable them to learn more efficiently.    

At primus education we believe all children have a specific way of learning and retaining key skills. At primus education we create special designed curriculums that are tailored to help your child learn and grow academically. We are well aware of children feeling anxious or fearsome of revisiting certain learning areas they may struggle with. Therefore, we provide your child with a calm learning environment where they can think clearly and learn at their own pace. We make it our mission to help your child build their confidence within their academic studies. In addition we will provide them with skills to use throughout their life.

Make sure you check out I love Manchester for more information on us.

Interested in our services?

Are you looking for a chance to give your child a better education to enable them to learn in a more suitable environment? Well, you can do that at our private school, Primus Education.

At Primus Education we work hard to ensure your child has an optimum learning environment where they are able to progress effectively. You will be informed of their academic progress and achievements as they progress through their learning journey with us.

At Primus Education, we understand why so many parents prefer private tuition for their children. It is our pride that our students achieve academic excellence in their courses and achieve academic success. Our overall goal is to educate your child and help them develop and grow their knowledge and skills in their subjects. Contact us today for more information regarding our private education.  

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