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The Crucial Role of Early Maths Education

In the dynamic landscape of education, early maths education stands out as a cornerstone for a child’s academic success. As young minds embark on their learning journey, a solid foundation in mathematics not only shapes their understanding of numbers but also cultivates essential skills that extend far beyond the classroom. Building Strong Foundations Early maths […]

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GCSE Maths revision

GCSE Maths Revision

Here are some of our GCSE Maths revision tips and tricks You are reaching the end of your school year and those GCSEs are not far away. However, you’re struggling with your revision. Well… at primus education we’re here to help you prepare effectively for your GCSE Maths exams. We can prevent you from staring […]

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private maths tutor

Private Maths Tutor

When it comes to mathematics it is a love/hate relationship. Maths is well known for being one of those subjects you find challenging more so than other subjects. However, mathematics can enable students to learn an array of skills and concepts they can use to solve complex problems. They can adopt these skills into their […]

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Featured on I Love Manchester

At primus education, we are helping children all across Manchester get back on track with their education.How has primus education changed the private study game? Well, here’s how we’re transforming countless of children’s lives.

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